Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačić stated that those who violated the territorial integrity of Serbia want to see Serbia arguing with its allies, the only ones that can veto and that do veto the status of Kosovo.

“And will the West withdraw its recognition of Kosovo? Seeing that the Western countries are in favor of the principle of territorial integrity, it would only make sense for them to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo. No, they will not withdraw their recognition; instead, what they want to do is to push Kosovo into all EU institutions, and the only factor that can prevent them from doing that is Russia,” stressed Dačić, as reported by Tanjug.

He reiterated that those who are in favor of sanctioning Russia are also against Serbia.

“It would have been best if that war between those two brotherly countries had never broken out. We are not pro-war. And when some third parties get involved, the peoples in the conflict suffer the most, as was the case in our region. Since we are witnessing anti-Russian hysteria, we are expected to sanction Russia,” Dačić emphasized, as reported by Socialist Party of Serbia.