On this day, March 25, 1999, Lieutenant Colonel Života Đurić, a pilot in the Air Force of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Army, was killed.

He flew on a mission, and while flying over the area of Glogovac, he spotted a base of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, its command post and warehouse, which he destroyed by dropping two bombs. He flew on towards his predetermined target, and at a certain point – when he was forced to perform a steep turn due to topographical features – he was hit by fire from the ground.

He was posthumously promoted and awarded a decoration. Života Đurić was buried in Paraćin.

NATO air forces targeted more than 50 military facilities and arms industry facilities. Ten soldiers were killed and 38 were wounded.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, showed understanding on his part for NATO’s “air strikes” against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, but he added that the Security Council should have also been involved in any decision to resort to the use of force.