The international community remains silent regarding the fact that a companion textbook, which is to be added to the ninth grade History textbook, and in which it is stated that “the Serbs are aggressors against Bosnia and Herzegovina”, has been promoted at the Tuzla Canton Ministry of Education and Science in early March.

The authors of this companion textbook are Almira Bećirović and Nazim Ibrahimović, a former member of the Bosnian-Muslims’ so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The creation of this textbook was initiated in 2017 by Midhat Čaušević, Party of Democratic Action representative in the Tuzla Canton Assembly. Republic of Srpska condemned the authors’ actions, as reminded by the Republic of Srpska Radio and TV Station, while there was no reaction by the international community.

Can Serbs really be aggressors in their own country? Judge for yourself from the attached maps.