Twenty-three years ago today, on the fourth night of the NATO aggression against our country, the Yugoslav Army shot down a United States F-117A bomber, which had taken off from the Aviano Air Base. Until then, it was believed that this type of aircraft, which was called “invisible” due to reduced radar cross section, could not be located in the sky. However, the 3rd Missile Battalion of the Yugoslav Army 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade managed to do that on March 27, 1999, at 20:42 hours.

Two “Neva” missiles were fired from the area of Šimanovci, one of them hitting the F-117A bomber, which was flying in the direction of the Hungary airspace after it had bombed the underground command center that was dug into the Straževica hill in Belgrade. The aircraft in flames crashed into the fields in the area of the Srem village of Buđanovci. The pilot ejected himself and parachuted to the ground. The wreckage of the downed F-117A Nighthawk, which is the full name of the aircraft, is preserved to this day in the Museum of Aviation, as a trophy that no other army in the world can brag with.