On this day in 1999, the transfer of the 252nd “Invisible” Brigade to Kosovo and Metohija was completed.

Despite the technology possessed by the aggressors, our military strategists managed to make it possible for the 252nd Armored Brigade from Kraljevo, consisting of M-84 and T-72 tanks as well as a BVP M-80 infantry fighting vehicle, to cross a 250-kilometer route, even though the brigade itself would have been 60 kilometers long if all its parts would line up in a column. Serbian cavalry made it to Kosovo and Metohija; this was a second slap in the face for the aggressor after the F-117 was shot down.

A reporter for the French news agency Agence France-Presse visited the Pristina sports stadium and saw that this facility was empty and that the grass in the stadium was undisturbed, which refuted NATO’s allegation that the stadium had been turned into a concentration camp and that 100,000 Albanian prisoners were being held there.