NATO communicated that 150 objectives have been hit in the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since March 24. Following their return from Belgrade, the delegation sent by the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Roman Catholic humanitarian organization, announced that the Yugoslav authorities had refused to allow Kosovo Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova to leave the country. The United States have stated that they would be deploying another 82 aircraft as reinforcements to the NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia. The United Kingdom has sent an aircraft carrier to the Adriatic Sea.

The Battle of Košare

It has become clear that the attack on the Košare watchtower is being carried out as a joint effort by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), the Army of the Republic of Albania, and the armies of several NATO members. The attack, which began on April 9, 1999, continued until the members of the KLA were able to take the Maja Glava with the help of Albanian and NATO artillery.

The shelling of the Košare watchtower continued and the Yugoslav Army soldiers were forced to abandon the tower itself in the afternoon and retreat to positions above the tower, which were easier to defend. Around 7 o’clock in the afternoon, members of the KLA entered the abandoned watchtower, and journalists from American CNN and British BBC were immediately on scene to report on this “great success” by the KLA.