In Belgrade, the Military Medical Academy in Banjica was bombed. Around 00:00 hours, the “Sloboda” factory was bombed in Čačak.

Around 00:30 hours, the Kopaonik National Park was bombed and the “Bačište” Hotel was hit. Fortunately, no guests were staying at the hotel at the time.

Around 01:45, a “Jugopetrol” warehouse in Pristina was bombed with six missiles. The densely populated part of this city was bombed as well. Between 00:00 and 02:00 hours, a bus station and a plastics factory were bombed with 15 missiles. In this attack, they also targeted an Orthodox cemetery, and around 50 tombstones and a monument to the Kosovo heroes were damaged. A television transmitter near Pristina was hit as well. Ten missiles and 30 bombs landed in the area of Pristina.

Around 03:00 hours, an old bridge over the Rasina River was bombed. A terrestrial radio station in Ivanjica was bombed around 03:00 hours.

Around 03:00 hours, a bridge connecting Kraljevo and Raška was bombed.