The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina reacted to Christian Schmidt’s decision to suspend the Republic of Srpska Law on Immovable Property. The Embassy reaffirmed Russia’s principled position that German citizen Christian Schmidt cannot be considered a High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina without the consent of the UN Security Council and that all decisions made by him are, thus, illegitimate.

“[Schmidt] has no authority in terms of the General Framework for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all his decisions are illegitimate. We appeal to our partners in the Steering Committee (Steering Committee of the Peace Implementation Council) with a request for them to annul the so-called decision made by Schmidt on April 12 this year. If some members of the Steering Committee of the Peace Implementation Council continue to give in to Schmidt’s arbitrariness, especially if sanctions be used against legally elected politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then all responsibility for potential destabilization of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina will fall on the representatives of the international community,” the statement said.

The Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina called on all political forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be realistic and immediately enter into direct dialogue, one without external mediation, in order to reach compromise solutions for the current domestic political issues and to form and enhance the atmosphere of agreement and reconciliation.

“In the current complicated situation, only that can create the conditions for ensuring stability and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.