The tale of Dodik continues “full steam ahead”. With good reason. Today, the Law on Immovable Property (land, forests, water, ore, objects…) takes effect after being passed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska. According to the law, immovable property shall be accounted as belonging to the Republic of Srpska, therefore, it cannot belong to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since there is no country without territory, the bottom line is that Bosnia and Herzegovina becomes a confederacy, and it puts a stop to the Bosniak tendencies to assume control over the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Certainly, the Bosniaks count on the backing of the United States, NATO, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina with three foreign judges who side with them on all important matters, and the Court and Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Another player is German politician Schmidt, who calls himself the High Representative, which is a constitutional category, but he has never been elected to that position. The whole arrangement is unconstitutional, but it is backed by military force, NATO, professional army, bombs, missiles, etc., which guarantees that  the unconstitutional magically becomes constitutional!. Therefore, the Republic of Srpska, taking such measures to reinstate jurisdictions stolen from it, acting according to the constitution, is actually breaching the constitution! In case someone couldn’t follow this, it can be said more simply: If you don’t have an army, bombs and missiles, you are unconstitutional!

All told, this individual, Schmidt, abolished said law based on the Bonn Powers, which are also an unconstitutional category. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

However, since the Republic of Srpska doesn’t care about that and will begin to claim its property, some additional pressure must be applied. And so Dodik and the President of Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović were hit with new British sanctions. From now on, Dodik is unable to travel to England or America, and soon enough, many other European countries. Still, it is clear that this cannot prevent said law from going into effect. So Dodik is now receiving death threats, as yet anonymous. God only knows how this will end.

An even greater threat to Bosniak tendencies to dominate Bosnia and Herzegovina comes from the Croats. In the (Muslim-Croat) Dederation, Croats, 400,000 of them, four times fewer than Bosniaks, have the status of “Muslim flowers”. Simply put, their political leaders are being chosen by the Bosniaks.

Finally, the Croats got fed up with it and said: enough! Unless the election law that permits for such manipulation changes, they will boycott the elections and will not acknowledge the electoral results!

Since the election law will not change, seeing as the Bosniaks don’t want to give up their dominance in the Federation, this will cause a constitutional crisis. HerzegBosnia will be formed in the counties with a Croat majority. This would essentially be another, new entity with the same jurisdictions as the Republic of Srpska. This automatically creates a third, Bosniak entity. And there it is, the CONFEDERACY! Yes, someone might say, but the Bosniaks have backing from the United States. Correct, they have the United States, but not the NATO, since Croatia is a member of the NATO.

Bosniaks are well aware of that, and they’re threatening: “There’s four times as many of us, and the elections will continue as before.” Bakir Izetbegović, the President of the leading Bosniak party SDA, stated that the Bosniaks will impose political representatives on the Croats on many other levels, in addition to Željko Komšić, a statement which was characterized by several Croat officials as a coup and an act of aggression against the Croats.

“Izetbegović’s threats of revoking the mechanism of legitimate representation are an open act of aggression against BiH. It is now clear that the SDA and Bakir Izetbegović are openly showing commitment to the policy of dissolving BiH as a union of three equal peoples,” says the statement by the Croat members of The House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of course, should the Bosniaks take action against the Croats when HerzegBosnia is founded, Croatia will launch a military intervention, and then the Bosniaks will stand no chance. The Serbs may even get involved militarily.  One way or the other, peacefully or not, Croats will have their entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So, there will be a Serb, Croat and Bosniak entity, each of them operating with a high degree of autonomy. It makes no difference whether Dodik will be taken out or not. That is, apparently, the only way to sustain Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Things are certainly a lot more complex than the United States meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. As Huntington predicted 30 years ago, two Christian peoples and a third, Islamic one are fighting between themselves within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Alija Izetbegović clearly stated in his “Islamic Declaration” that the Muslims have a holy duty to establish Sharia laws in countries where they are the majority. Similarly, cohabitation based on western civil democracy is unacceptable in those countries. Therefore, the conflicting civilizations must eventually engage in open conflict, which is exactly what is currently happening.

Source: Pravda