“Moscow has not done anything that would harm us and I appreciate that,” Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik said in an interview with Politika, a Belgrade-based daily.

In response to the comment that sanctions by the USA and Great Britain were imposed on him, as well as that Germany is also expected to impose sanctions on him, due to his private property, as well as due to the accusation that he is cooperating with Moscow, Milorad Dodik said the following:

“If Moscow was doing something or asking us to do anything contrary to Serb interests, I would be against that. I myself serve the Republic of Srpska exclusively and the Serb people in general. Moscow has not done anything that would harm us and I appreciate that. Great Britain has been roaming these areas for hundreds of years. Their Ottoman Empire ambassador had the same task their present-day ambassador has – preventing Serbs from integrating. That is why they are empowering the Muslim component. Well, you have seen that the German parliament has elected a Bosniak from these areas as its member, and the USA is ready to do the same thing. And now we are supposed to believe in their fair intentions and objectivity. Germany banned one of its companies, Hrgud, from building a wind farm in the Republic of Srpska. Do you know how many countries want to build wind farms or are ready to finance wind farms? All right, the Germans get six months to decide what they want to do and if they choose not to continue with the project, we will pass Hrgud over to China. We will lose loans from Germany, but we will find those same loans in China, a country that is ready to expand. We will suspend all British and German projects in the Republic of Srpska. Berlin should think about its position towards the entities; maybe it and other like-minded countries that pursue such a policy are what is dividing us even more.”