Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik said that the threats the Republic of Srpska has been heaped upon due to the passing of the Law on Property are paving the best way for the self-dissolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The threats we have been heaped upon due to the passing of this Law are paving the best way for the self-dissolution of this country. They think that, because of what is happening in Ukraine, we should all keep quiet, keep our heads down in fear and say, ‘Take everything, just don’t touch me.’ Well, it will not be like that,” said Dodik.

He said that there are no plans for secession in the Republic of Srpska, secret nor public, and emphasized that the Serb public is more convinced now than ever before that Bosnia and Herzegovina will fall apart if it fails to come up with an internal agreement, which, day after day, is becoming less and less likely to happen.

Dodik points out that the passing of the Republic of Srpska Law on Property merely put on paper and confirmed the practice of managing one’s own property which has existed in the Republic of Srpska for 30 years already.

“Now we consider its implementation – since it came into force a few days ago – an act of compliance with the decision of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional Court, which ordered that the issue of property be resolved,” said Dodik to Politika, a Belgrade-based daily.

He said that some provisions of this Law displease Sarajevo, which has avoided dialogue on all issues during the recent years and has, instead of cooperating with the other two peoples, pinned all its hopes on a man who does not operate under a UN Security Council mandate.

Dodik points out that there is a growing intention among the Bosniaks, driven by “convenient” global opportunities, to animate foreigners in order to achieve political goals through the satanization of Serbs.

He points out that, due to the relations in which Sarajevo directs all its energy into fighting and confronting the Republic of Srpska, hatred and mistrust are being manifested, which are then further deepened by the obvious bias of foreigners, “which we have always seen plenty of.”

Dodik concludes that Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be a civil state and adds that the policy blindly pursued in Sarajevo has led Bosnia and Herzegovina to an irreversible division that is reflected at every step, not just between Serbs and Bosniaks since the relations between Croats and Bosniaks in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are even worse.

He pointed out that Brčko is allowed to claim its property and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina uses its property; only the Republic of Srpska is being denied that right.

“The Republic of Srpska is the sole owner of its property and no other solution is or ever will be possible. We will not give up on the implementation of this Law, the property we have is registered as the property of the Republic of Srpska. We can be pressured and persecuted, we will not give our property away,” said Dodik.