The town of Obrenovac was bombed and it suffered great material damage. The “Prva Iskra” factory in Barič was bombed. The center of Novi Sad was bombed and the building of the Executive Council of Vojvodina was hit. Subotica was bombed. One missile landed near Lake Palić.  The “25 May” Bridge in Bačka Palanka was bombed. The left side of the bridge was damaged.

The northwestern part of Paraćin was bombed with 11 missiles. Kraljevo was bombed and a number of missiles landed in the area of Bogutovačka Banja. The bridge near Kuršumlija was bombed once again. In Kosovo and Metohija, Kosovska Mitrovica, Peja, Podujevo, the general area of Goleš and Slatina Airport were bombed. A residential area in Niš was bombed.