There is a possibility that the intelligence services of Bosnia and Herzegovina may arrest Dodik, using the capabilities of the European Union forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are in country as part of Operation “Altea” to secure the military aspects of the 1995 Dayton Agreement.

As Sputnik learned from a source close to the European External Action Service, Brussels and Washington are working on a complex operation to remove from power Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Reportedly, the main reasoning for launching such a campaign against Dodik is his independent position regarding the situation in Ukraine, as well as the fact that the Dodik-chaired Alliance of Independent Social Democrats and the wider Serb multi-party coalition are persistently refusing to even partially join the Western sanctions against Russia.

The position that Milorad Dodik has taken on this issue is contrary to the Western tendency to completely isolate Moscow from the rest of the European continent, and singularly submit the Balkans to Western interests, which include eliminating the so-called “external” players — Russia and China. That is why the stubborn Dodik, who is conducting his own policy inconsistent with the West, is being “punished” as an example to prevent anyone else in South Eastern Europe from maintaining friendly relations with Russia.

As available information suggests, there are plans to exert influence by launching a “black PR” campaign, that is, a smear campaign against Milorad Dodik via fabricated corruption charges, in order to gradually undermine his reputation as a leader and protector of Serb interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

An additional point of pressure is to come in the form of the so-called “Bonn Powers” ostensibly granted to the disputed High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, according to the West, give that office unlimited powers, until the top leadership in the country is deposed. A third element of the anti-Serb plan envisions the possibility that Milirad Dodik be arrested by the forces of the Bosniak intelligence service, fully under Western control, using the capabilities of the European Union forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are in country as part of Operation “Altea” to secure the military aspects of the 1995 Dayton Agreement.

The mandate of the Operation “Altea” has been stated by the UN Security Council, which is keeping a close eye on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina per the Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter (Threats to international peace and security). The mandate is extended on a yearly basis, when the UN Security Council goes into session regarding the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fall, typically in November. As a reminder, passing that decision requires the vote of Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council. Moscow has repeatedly cautioned that the activities of the Operation “Altea” in Bosnia and Herzegovina must remain fully depoliticized and limited exclusively to Dayton Agreement issues.

Now that Western countries have nearly doubled the EUFOR military presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina to 1,100 troops, as well as delivered additional military equipment to the country which has begun to make regular appearances on the streets across the nation, instilling fear in its citizens, the future of Operation “Altea” and their UN mandate is being brought into question.

Sputnik’s source estimates that Brussels got carried away with its tendency to remove at any cost the undesirable politicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are exhibiting independence from the directives from the European Union and Washington. That position fits very well into their persistent policy to centralize and unite the multinational country of Bosnia and Herzegovina based on the Bosniak majority.

This is all unfolding at the expense of the rights of the Serb people, who are guaranteed by the Dayton Agreement to have equal status and broad constitutional powers. As the West envisions, the status of Serbs, as well as Croats, in the new “democratic” Bosnia and Herzegovina should be reduced to the status of disenfranchised national minorities — the so-called “civilian population”. Brussels and Washington evidently wish to ensure the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia and Herzegovina, create untenable living conditions for Serbs and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and force them to leave it. They also wish to force the country into NATO and cut off its communication with its natural allies, above all Russia.

The Balkans are facing a new Great Migration and a fresh rewriting of destiny, and it will be brought about by flagrant violation of international law and stifling the fundamental national interests of the peoples int he Balkans.

According to the source, the West steadfastly strives to create a new geopolitical reality in the region, which would be fully under its influence, and they are not shying away from playing dirty to achieve it. As always, the price will be paid by the people of the Balkans, since the West is evidently won’t even consider their interests.