POLITICAL SCIENTIST Nenad Kecmanović believes that the Republic of Srpska will continue to follow Serbia’s example of military neutrality in order to avoid splitting the Serb people on opposite sides of the front.

Recalling that since the conflict in Ukraine began, military neutrality has been brought into question in the sectors of foreign policy, economy, and especially energy supply, Kecmanović thinks that the answers to several key questions make it easy to recognize which side is friendly towards the Serbs, and which is not.

“Which side is threatening the Serb equidistance to both East and West, telling us that we “may not sit on both chairs”? Which side is telling us that we “must take a side”? Which side is telling us “if you’re not with us, you are against us”?” Kecmanović asked yesterday at the panel titled “The War in Ukraine — The Meaning of Serb Neutrality”.

He indicated that, on the other hand, it ought to be taken into consideration which side has been providing unconditional support, expressing understanding for the vote against it as it is aware of the immense pressure, and despite that, has kept Serbia on the list of priority energy buyers even though energy is now a more powerful weapon than missiles, sanctions and US dollars.

“It is not difficult to name either side and recognize which one is friendly towards us and which is not,” Kecmanović pointed out.

In his opinion, another problem is that the European Union, to which both Serbia and Srpska are firmly committed, is divided and lost under the Anglo-American pressure, causing it to act against its own best interest.

“As a mere candidate for joining the EU, we are being asked for a more significant proof of loyalty to that policy than some of its full-fledged members have shown. While the EU is shooting itself in the foot with its actions, it is calling for Serbia and Srpska to shoot themselves in the head,” Kecmanović stated.

He asked how it is possible to trust Western allies if they will not uphold the international agreements they themselves have signed, such as the Resolution no. 1244, and they are forging the Dayton Peace Agreement.