Milorad Dodik, Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that he was surprised by Senator Chris Murphy’s statement that completely deceives the public by making comments which are almost entirely incompatible with reality and with the statements given and neatly recorded at yesterday’s meeting.

“It is as though we were not at the same meeting. This narrative perpetuated for decades by the officials and the media in the United States shows that there is no justice for Serbs to be found in the West, and that we as a people, in their opinion, should be disciplined, if need be through completely undemocratic methods, lies and threats. I am truly disappointed,” Dodik said to Srna when asked to comment on Murphy’s statement that the Serb member of the Presidency allegedly threatened to establish his own Serb institutions, which allegedly could easily lead to a conflict.

Dodik stated that any time when top-ranking officials arrive, especially those from the United States, there is hope that one of them will have the audacity to call certain events and individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina by their name.

“Unfortunately, each of those meetings only leads to parroting the same, media-sanitized storyline, which harms not only Serbs and the Republic of Srpska, but BiH as a whole,” Dodik concluded.