Radislav Jovičić, the Vice President of the Democratic People’s Alliance (DNS), stated that the shameful verdicts in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina show that it is not possible to count on the coexistence and advancement of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is being wholeheartedly endorsed by Bosniak political parties in the Federation of BiH. On the contrary, these moves appear to be aimed towards completely shattering all remaining hope of coexistence, if there even is any left.

Reacting to the acquittal of Dragan Vikić and the other suspects for the murder of Yugoslav People’s Army soldiers in Sarajevo in 1992, Jovičić asked whether it was intent or coincidence that those most responsible for this crime happened to be acquitted precisely on the same day when the Yugoslav People’s Army soldiers were killed in the Sarajevo park, the DNS statement said.

“As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a coincidence, including this, yet another of many, shameful acquittal of those who were relieved of all responsibility just because they don’t have a Serb name,” Jovičić pointed out.

According to him, until such a time when everybody understands that victims are victims regardless of their name, the tears and pain of every mother are the same, and murderers are murderers regardless of their name, there will be no happiness in this national community.

“I hope that at least they don’t try to convince us that those brutally murdered soldiers are sill alive to this day and that the trial was merely a part of the Greater Serbia propaganda. They might even claim that the eight of them came to occupy Sarajevo, and everyone knows what you do with intruders,” Jovičić concluded.

Dragan Vikić, the former commander of the Special Unit of the MUP of the so-called Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jusuf Pušina, the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the then-Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nermin Uzunović and Mladen Čovčić were acquitted today in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina of all charges for their involvement in the murder of Yugoslav People’s Army members in Sarajevo on April 22, 1992.