Gabriel Escobar, Special Representative of the State Department, will be arriving to Montenegro on April 29 as part of the team traveling with Karen Donfried, the Assistant US Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

“Deputy Assistant US Secretary of State Gabriel Escobar will be escorting the Assistant US Secretary of State in her meetings in the region,” a State Department spokesperson said to Tanjug.

In Podgorica, Donfried and Escobar will give the support of the United States to Montenegrin officials and stress the need to speed up the work on accession to the European Union, strengthen their NATO membership, and support common values including the fight against corruption.

“The visit will be an opportunity to express gratitude to Montenegro for their show of support for Ukraine by joining the sanctions against Russia, as well as for providing humanitarian and security aid and closing their airspace to Russian aircraft,” said the State Department announcement.

As a reminder, the centerpiece of the new Montenegrin government is a party with four mandates in the Assembly, that has been in power since the fall of socialism, and is suspected of decimating the economy and countless other affairs.