NATO tripled the number of aircraft it has engaged in the aggression, bringing the total amount to over 1,000 aircraft.

An electrical substation at the foot of the Avala Tower was damaged, which again stopped the Radio Television of Serbia from broadcasting.

Six-year-old girl Arta Lugić was killed when the village of Velika Dobranja in the Lipljan Municipality was shelled, and several of her brothers and sisters were wounded.

The television transmitter on Gučevo was targeted with 24 missiles. Pričević near Valjevo was shelled. The “Milan Blagojević” Chemical Plant in Lučani was hit, and homes in the nearby village of Lisice were destroyed. Niš was targeted with 16 missiles, Jagodin-mala sustaining the most damage.

Strobe Talbott, Deputy US Secretary of State, traveled to Moscow to speak to Yeltsin and determine whether Russia would participate in convincing Milošević to accept a permanent foreign military presence in Kosovo and Metohija. The NATO summit in Washington ended, with the Alliance adopting a new strategic concept which includes conducting military missions outside the borders of the members.