“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is certainly creating a new geopolitical momentum and the world no longer works the same way as it did prior to February 24 of this year. Serbia therefore must clearly state its position, and if it truly wishes to join the European Union, it must comply with the sanctions imposed on Russia. The time to sit on both chairs and balance between Russia and the West should have been long past,” said Viola von Cramon, Member of European Parliament from The Greens in an interview with Nova.rs.

She also described the import of Chinese arms amid the war in Ukraine as negative in terms of approaching the European Union.

The latest research by the “Ipsos” agency has shown that the idea of joining the European Union does not have a lot of support with the Serbian people, seeing as 44% of citizens are opposed to European integrations, while only 35% are in favor, which brings into question the point of this sort of blackmail.