The “Biosens” Research and Development Institute for Information Technologies in Biosystems in Novi Sad has launched the Digital Village project, the first of its kind in Serbia.

Vladimir Crnojević, Director of the Institute, said that the Digital Village project is being launched on May 24 and will include the farmers and residents of the village of Mokrin, and that this will be the first time a big progressive village undergoes a digital transformation.

According to him, the project should make it possible for them to rely a lot more on information technologies in their day-to-day agricultural work, use digital platforms to do business with banks, insurance, and counseling; as well as enable more efficient agricultural production, a joint presence on the market through virtual cooperatives, and the procurement and placement of raw materials.

“If it turns out to be a success, the digital transformation will be applicable to every village in Serbia, and the entire agricultural community in our country. There are digital farms in the world, but not one of this kind, where a large number of citizens of varying profiles and activities will be brought together in a broader social context,” said Crnojević.

The “Biosens” Research and Development Institute for Information Technologies in Biosystems is a leading Digital Innovation Hub in Serbia. The accomplishments of “Biosens” are recognized in Serbia and in the world. It is involved in some of the largest digital innovation projects in Europe.

It currently employs 140 scientists, and there are plans to hire an additional 100 over the following three years. Scientists in the field of natural sciences and experts in information technologies work together on multidisciplinary research.