A bus transporting Serbian children from Nikšić was stoned yesterday in Cetinje, Montenegro, after leaving a parking lot near the Cetinje Monastery.

During their visit to the Cetinje Monastery, the children danced and cheered to the song “Rejoice, Serbian People” (orig. “Veseli se, srpski rode”).

Following the attack, threats against the children started to appear on social media, with some claiming that they would shoot at the children.

Marko Kovačević, Mayor of Nikšić, called on the authorities to bring the assailants to justice, or else the people of Nikšić will fight their own battle.

“We have seen various criminal gangs burn people in Lovćen. But that failed to elicit any reaction. So some citizens of Cetinje stoned a bus carrying children from Nikšić, just because they were dancing the kolo and singing a song about the Serbian people rejoicing. That is, the children were not insulting anybody, they were calling on a people, to which they likely belong, to rejoice. I cannot believe that this space has been so contaminated by fascism that it would deny another the very right to exist and be present there,” said Kovačević.