The Ministry of Education of Croatia has decided to cancel numerous programs in schools across the country, and the Cyrillic alphabet has also come under attack.

More specifically, it will no longer be possible to teach in Serbian language or use the Cyrillic alphabet in trade schools in Vukovar, where students train to become waiters, butchers, tourist salespeople, or pharmacy technicians. The “Marko Babić” Trade School in Vukovar will no longer be able to hold classes in the Serbian language with the use of the Cyrillic alphabet.

As a reminder, the Vukovar City Council voted back in 2015 to amend the City Statute, with the changes reflecting that bilingual signs with Cyrillic writing would no longer be displayed on city buildings, institutions, stores and streets in Vukovar. With a majority vote to adopt the changes and amendments to the City Statute proposed by Mayor Ivan Penava (HDZ), the Croatian parties in the Council have decided that Cyrillic writing will be absent from the street signs in Vukovar until further notice, reported the Croatian media.