Milorad Dodik, Serbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), stated that the claim by Karen Donfried, Deputy United States Secretary of State in the Office for European and Eurasian Affairs, saying that the leadership of the Republic of Srpska wishes to topple BiH is untrue, emphasizing that the leadership is in favor of abiding by the Constitution of BiH.

“The claim that the leadership of the Republic of Srpska wants to topple BiH is equally untrue as claiming that I said in the meeting with Donfried and later in public that the Republic of Srpska respects the territorial integrity and international sovereignty of BiH, but also the Constitution of BiH which states that BiH consists of two entities and three constituent peoples. The Republic of Srpska is fully entitled to receive all of its rights granted by the Constitution and anything that has been done in the meanwhile outside of the Constitution must be a matter of discussion between us, which Donfried herself agreed with,” Dodik pointed out.

The Serbian Member of the Presidency of BiH said in a video posted to his Twitter account that he regrets the discrepancy in the interpretation of the meeting he attended alongside Donfried.

He stated that it has been made clear that the Republic of Srpska has no plans and no documents that would confirm Donfried’s claims, which she had evidently picked up in the political Sarajevo from her associates who have for many years been working in BiH against the interests of the Republic of Srpska.
“The conclusions she later presented in public could not have been based on the conversation we led, I believe them to be full of speculation, and untrue. It is concerning that somebody at such a high political level is willing to interpret a meeting in a way that did not happen, and I must respond with a claim that it is not true,” Dodik pointed out.