Prince Petar Karađorđević communicated yesterday that he has signed a statement of abdication, renouncing all rights of prerogative belonging to him on the basis of his birthright, and transferring them to his next eldest brother, Prince Filip.

Photo: Casa de Pilatos

It is Prince Petar’s belief that it is in the best interest of the dynasty for the heir apparent to reside with his family in Serbia, among his people, while Prince Petar continues his life in Seville where he resides now.

To that regard, he pointed out that his brother Prince Filip has tied his and his family’s lives to Serbia. Prince Filip’s heir, Prince Stefan, is the first male child to be born into the Karađorđević dynasty in Serbia in nine decades.

Prince Peter, the eldest son of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević and the grandson of the King of Yugoslavia Peter II Karađorđević, signed his statement of abdication on April 27 at St. Andrew’s Palace in Seville, in the presence of witnesses.