NATO aircraft made 600 takeoffs over 24 hours, communicated NATO Spokesman Jamie Shea. Shortly after the shelling of targets in the center of Belgrade stopped, the city was struck with a strong earthquake, 5.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. The epicenter was near Valjevo.

The European Union’s oil embargo against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia went into effect. Russia has stated that it will not abide by the embargo on exporting oil to Yugoslavia, as it is in breach of international law. Respecting the oil embargo, Bulgaria has informally closed its border crossings on the FR Yugoslavia border. Montenegro has requested to be exempt from the oil embargo and expressed willingness to allow for its imports to be under international control.

Nebojša Vujović, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia, has stated that the United Nations Security Council is the only body with the legitimacy to decide on international presence in Kosovo and Metohija and that FR Yugoslavia will only accept unarmed peacekeeping forces. The United States and NATO have estimated that FR Yugoslavia’s proposals do not meet the conditions set by NATO for cessation of the airstrikes.

NATO Crimes in Murino

One of the most egregious crimes committed during the NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia occurred on April 30, 1999 in the town of Murino, between Andrijevica and Plav in the northeast of Montenegro.

NATO Air Command fired a dozen missiles at the bridge on the Lim in the very center of the town. Civilians were killed who were not in any way involved in combat operations, including two girls and a boy. The fatalities were Miroslav Knežević, Olivera Maksimović and Julijana Brdar, students at the “Petar Dedović” Elementary School; school employee Vukić Vuletić; retiree Manojlo Komatina, and homemaker Milka Kočanović. Željko Belanović, Svetlana Zečević, and Tina Milović suffered severe injuries in the airstrike; while Mirko Šoškić, Danilo Jokić, Vasko Čejović, Slobodan Mirosavljević and Slavko Mirković suffered mild injuries.

The bridge on the Lim was damaged, and every last house in the area sustained damage. The textile plant, the old hotel, the butchery and the town Culture Center also sustained damage.

Airstrike In Center of Belgrade

Three persons were killed and 40 were injured, of which 11 severely, in the NATO Air Command airstrike in the center of Belgrade.

In the strike on the building of the Yugoslav Army Central Command on the “Kneza Miloša” street, most of the victims were first responders, police officers, firefighters and casual passers-by. They were killed in the second airstrike, 15 minutes after the first missile hit.

In the strike on Vračar, Sofija Jovanović (b. 1976) and her mother Živka Jovanović (b. 1950) were severely injured. In the moment of the strike, they were in their family home at 7 Vardarska Street.