A group of nine Serb young women and men found themselves at the center of an incident on the Gračanica (Badovc) Lake yesterday afternoon, when two Albanian young men on motorcycles fired in their direction, before themselves being wounded in an exchange of gunfire by a police officer who happened to be there, reported Kosovo Online from eyewitness statements.

“They pulled to a stop a few meters away from us. The friend who was with us is a Goranac by nationality, he works for the police and speaks Albanian. He walked over to them and asked them to leave the area because it was an uncomfortable situation. They moved from their spot and stopped near our cars, and one of them started shooting at us with a handgun. One of our friends yelled to drop to the ground, and we were sheltered from the bullets by the roof part of the body of a car. The police officer friend returned fire when the attackers started running away towards the Mramor village,” said Marko Petrović, eyewitness to the incident.

Late last night, the portal KoSSev was also contacted by a person who requested to stay anonymous, also an alleged eyewitness, with the claim that the group of Serb young men and women were attacked because of their ethnicity and “only because they were listening to Serbian music”. This person also stated that there was no “showdown with the police”, seeing as the police officer who allegedly returned fire was in plainclothes, and the Albanian young men did not know that he was a member of the Kosovo Police. Even though the person was willing to provide a statement and details for the portal, they insisted on remaining anonymous.

KoSSev was not able to obtain an official confirmation of these claims.

The Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of the Republic of Serbia also spoke, confirming the attack on Serb young men and women.

“The attack which occurred yesterday on the Gračanica Lake, where two Albanians fired several times in the direction of a group of Serb young men and women, is a most direct threat to life of Serb children. Their only sin was that they went on a day trip and hung out by the lake,” stated the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, and called on the international organisations, whose mandate and responsibility is to guarantee the safety of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, to treat this attack with the utmost attention.