Serbs treat their victims carelessly, so they must present their suffering to the European and world public, believe the historians and representatives of the “Veritas” Documentation and Information Center, whose chairman Savo Štrbac pointed out that a process of Catholicization has been going on in Croatia since the 90s.

Savo Štrbac, Chairman of the “Veritas” Documentation and Information Center, stressed that the former Croatian President Franjo Tuđman was more successful in resolving the “Serbian issue”, brought up by Ustasha ideologues Ante Pavelić and Mile Budak — kill a third of Serbs, banish a third, Catholicize a third.

“Tuđman banished two thirds of Serbs from Croatia, killed less than a third, and Catholicized many. The Catholicization has been underway since the early 90s to this day. Many of my cousins who remained in Croatia, who used to be Orthodox Serbs, are no longer either Serb or Orthodox,” said Štrbac.

He recounted that an Orthodox priest in Zadar told him that out of 30 Orthodox Serbs who died, he only held the funeral of two, while the remaining 28 were given funeral rites by Catholic priests.

“It was their families who chose for them to be buried by Catholic priests, because they were afraid of oppression for themselves and their children and they chose the more practical option,” explained Štrbac.

He reminded that Croatians celebrated the Operation “Flash” (orig. Bljesak) yesterday, which banished 15,000 Serbs, and stated that the Croatian judiciary system has been conducting pre-trial proceedings since 2012 against unidentified perpetrators in the “Flash” case, turned over to it by the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office.