President of Croatia Zoran Milanović made a suggestion to Prime Minister Andrej Plenković to call for a session of the National Security Council over, as he said, the danger that Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina will lose equality and constitutional rights, as the elections are set to be held in accordance with the existing “discriminatory” election law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In his statement, Milanović pointed out that “the existing Election Law of BiH will make it impossible for Croatians to legitimately elect their representatives in the governing bodies”.

“Croatia has the national interest and the obligation, both according to the Constitution and as a signatory of the Dayton Agreement, to protect the rights of Croatians in BiH, who are also citizens of Croatia, and therefore citizens of the European Union,” said Milanović.

He stated that Croatia also has a national interest to preserve stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and denying Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina the right to elect their own representatives into the governing bodies is an unambiguous threat to the political stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Croatia’s partners from the EU and the NATO have done nearly nothing to change the Election Law and guarantee the right of Croatians in BiH to elect their own representatives,” said Milanković, adding that some of the representatives of the international community have systemically taken opposing positions and disputed the constitutional rights of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Milanković’s words, if Croatia’s partners are unwilling or unable to influence Bosniak representatives to accept the amendments to the Election Law, then Croatia will have to insist that the High Representative impose solutions which will guarantee the right of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina to elect their own representatives.

“With their lack of understanding and their two-faced criteria for partnership, our partners are putting us in a position where we will have to resort to stronger measures in order to protect Croatian national interests, seeing as diplomatic efforts haven’t yielded any results thus far,” said Milanović.

He pointed out that accelerating Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path towards membership in the European Union is both a necessity and in Croatian interest, especially if the Union accelerates Ukraine’s candidacy status due to the recent situation in Europe.

“Croatia cannot accept the acceleration of Ukraine’s candidacy status unless the same status is extended to BiH, which would certainly stabilize not only the situation in that country, but also in the entire South Eastern Europe, which is hopefully everyone’s goal,” said Milanović