Ivica Dačić said today that the relations between the Republic of Srpska and Serbia are getting better each year, and not only in the political sense, but in all other areas as well, including economy and the healthcare system.

“These days it is very important to maintain special relations between Serbia and the Republic of Srpska according to the Dayton Agreement. I am rather satisfied that our relations are getting better each year,” said Dačić to journalists in Kozarska Dubica.

Dačić pointed out that the cause of his visit to the Republic of Srpska today was to attend the commemoration of the Day of Remembrance of Victims of the Ustasha Genocide in the Independent State of Croatia at the Jasenovac Concentration Camp and its largest execution site Donja Gradina.

“It is something that we must never forget, and it is good that the leadership and the people of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska commemorate these past events together,” said Dačić.