Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesić said today that the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić is committed to continuing the talks with Priština, while Albin Kurti is doing everything in his power to bring the dialogue to a halt.

“As always, President Vučić is going to Berlin to defend Serbian interests. Just like in the case of the Ukrainian crisis, Vučić is leading a Serbian policy in the best interest of the citizens of Serbia. We are not leading a Russian, American or Turkish policy. As a reminder, our main interest is to maintain peace in Serbia, to continue our economic development, create more jobs, and raise salaries. Vučić will do everything in his might to preserve these achievements of his policy in the tough times to come. On the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, the President has repeatedly stressed that he is prepared to continue talks with Priština, while Kurti is doing everything he can to bring the dialogue to a halt,” stressed Goran Vesić, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade and Member of Presidency of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) in his appearance in the Happy TV morning show.

On the eve of today’s meeting between the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, Vesić stressed that Belgrade believes that dialogue is the only possible way of reaching a compromise regarding Kosovo.

“We have faith in the results that may arise from continued talks, but before that, we expect Priština to abide by the obligations it agreed to by signing the Brussels Agreement,” Vesić pointed out.

He reminded that, unlike Belgrade, Priština has not abided by a single point of the Brussels Agreement.

“Ten years after the fact, Priština has still not held up its main obligation, which is to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities. Kurti is flagrantly ignoring the Brussels Agreement, demonstrating that the document holds no significance to him,” said Vesić, adding that the European Union guaranteed for the Brussels Agreement.

“That demonstrates Kurti’s attitude towards the European Union, and ultimately towards Germany as one of its most significant members. Contempt of the European Union ant European integrations is what I expect from an original Marxist and anarchist such as Kurti, no matter how much he tries to show that he has changed. He is unable to escape it,” stressed Vesić.

He expressed concern over the way that the Prime Minister of temporary Kosovo institutions Albin Kurti is treating Serbs in Kosovo.

“Serbs do not feel safe in Kosovo and Metohija. Two days ago, someone shot a firearm in the direction of Serbian young men and women on the Gračanica Lake. ROSU units are conducting breaches in the north of Kosovo every month. Priština is assembling an Army of Kosovo, in contravention of the Resolution no. 1244. It is evidently Kurti’s goal to run Serbs out of Kosovo,” cautioned Vesić.

He stressed that President Vučić, as a responsible head of state, is prepared to sit at the negotiating table even with such a man as Kurti.

“Vučić is prepared to do it for Serbia. He is aware of his responsibility and the importance of preserving peace in this moment and making it possible for Serbia to continue progressing,” concluded Vesić.