erbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik refuted the claims of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz accusing him of leading a secessionist policy, pointing out that he does not understand how a high-ranking official can so blithely promote false narratives which are the result of Muslim propaganda.

“Neither the Republic of Srpska nor anybody in it is leading a secessionist policy, nor is there a single document that might prove such falsehoods trying to become true by constant repetition,” said Dodik in his statement to Srna.

Dodik expressed his surprise that the Chancellor of Germany would so blithely make unverified claims, seeing as he is, after all, the Chancellor of the most powerful country in the European Union, and reiterated that Scholz’s statement about the alleged secession and his role in it is false.

“Chancellor Scholz was also talking about the rule of the law, which appears to be a privilege only afforded to powerful countries, else how to explain the fact that the very same Germany supports Christian Schmid, who arrived to BiH despite all legal precedent and said “I am the High Representative,” estimated Dodik.

If we are going to stick to principles, according to Dodik, then the rule of the law should be imperative in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Germany. “Else — platitudes about the rule of the law are exercises in demagoguery, in this case of the esteemed Chancellor,” pointed out the Serbian Member of Presidency.

In his words, the Republic of Srpska is fighting for a constitutional position and the letter of the Constitution, which is certainly the same thing that the Chancellor of Germany is doing in his own country.

“BiH does not have a High Representative appointed in accordance with the law, that is, the Annex No. 10 to the Dayton Agreement, which is guaranteed and witnessed by Germany. That is why the claims of the esteemed Chancellor Scholz are unreasonable and inconceivable to me,” stressed Dodik.

He said that the Republic of Srpska remains committed to the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Dayton Agreement, while those with power may carry on their performance.

“It is extremely important that President [of Serbia] Aleksandar Vučić had the opportunity to comment on the situation in BiH, and I am very grateful to him for that,” said Dodik.