Yesterday, on Martyrs’ Day, Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sifet Podžić visited the Muslim cemetery in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Kovači, where he threatened countries in the region with weapons and armed conflict.

While Serbs were commemorating the horrific crime committed in Dobrovoljačka Street, whose perpetrators are yet to be met with justice, Podžić paraded in Sarajevo in front of youths wearing green berets and Bosnia and Herzegovina war flags and called for armed conflict.

This former officer of the Yugoslav People’s Army and General of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina stated that observing the Martyrs’ Day is “our debt to people who gave everything for what we are enjoying today”.

Podžić said that he is not surprised by neighbors who are trying to achieve their goals without war, but he is surprised by “our people who are prepared for a new reorganization of BiH”.

“Nobody has the right to carry out or allow any reorganization. We must fight the same way we fought with rifles between 1992 and 1995 and show with our behavior that this is a unified country between the Una and the Drina,” said Podžić.

He also claimed that many are working on showing that “BiH cannot function, it doesn’t exist”.

Preparations for War?

Statements such as these could be seen as frivolous and political, however, the context in which they were made is concerning to say the least. Namely, in early March, Enver Hadžiahmetović, Minister for Communal Economy, Infrastructure, Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the Sarajevo Canton, sent a memo to all administrators in the Sarajevo Canton to make sure to restore to functionality all communal areas of buildings that may be used for shelter. The stated formal justification for preparing communal areas were the current events in the world and the war in Ukraine.

“Considering the recent developed situation in Europe, it is necessary to notify apartment owners that the common areas of the building, which may be used as shelter if necessary, must be brought into usable condition,” said the Minister’s memo.