The railway bridge near Vatin on the Belgrade-Bucharest railway was destroyed.

The Detelinara neighborhood in Novi Sad was shelled, wounding more than 40.

NATO representatives in Brussels announced that the Alliance would cease the shelling of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the event that the United Nations Security Council votes on a political resolution to the so-called Kosovo crisis, and only if “the withdrawal of military, police and paramilitary forces is clearly guaranteed”.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the seven most developed countries in the world and Russia (G8) have agreed in Bonn on principles which they will refer to in further political efforts to end the war in Kosovo and Metohija.

The principles demand:

  1. Rapid cessation of violence in Kosovo and Metohija that can be internationally verified,
  2. Withdrawal of all military and paramilitary forces from Kosovo and Metohija,
  3. International security and civilian presence in Kosovo and Metohija with a United Nations mandate which would allow for safe return of refugees, and
  4. Negotiations about achieving autonomy for Kosovo and Metohija, while preserving the territorial integrity of FR Yugoslavia.

The Battle of Košare

The Yugoslav Army launched a counterattack on the positions of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army on Raša Košares, which this terrorist organization took back on April 9. The battle that followed was bloody and with heavy losses on both sides, but the Yugoslav army has failed to take Raša Košares.