The President of Croatia Zoran Milanović stated that “Milorad Dodik is a partner”, and that Serbs are Croatian allies in the current situation.

He spoke positively about the Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Republic of Srpska.

“For me, in this moment, Milorad Dodik is a partner to the Croatian interests. I have been telling you this for a year. He is a partner, he is not a Chetnik, okay? Putin does not even know that Dodik exists. Dodik is the leader of a small community. The Serbs are a people close to us, they are our allies in this situation,” he said, and when asked for his opinion on the claim that the Republic of Srpska was built on a crime, he retorterd: “Hello? Hello? America was also built on a crime, a lot of countries were built on a crime”.