Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović congratulated the citizens of the Republic of Srpska on May 9 — Day of Victory over Fascism and Europe Day, with a message that the Serbian people were among the first people in Europe to boldly and bravely stand up to fascism and nazism, the greatest plagues of humanity in the 20th century, at a great personal sacrifice in the fight for peace and freedom.

“The free Serbian people have made an immeasurable contribution to the fight against fascism and nazism, to liberating Europe from this evil, and to establishing a democratic and humane society. The price of freedom was, unfortunately, paid in blood — over two million Serbs were killed in the Second World War. We shall commemorate with great sadness and piety all those who gave their lives in combat or were killed in the death camps in the Independent State of Croatia,” stressed Čubrilović.

He pointed out that the constant political attempts to rewrite history and lessen the role and the sacrifice of the Serbian people in the fight against fascism and nazism are dangerous and alarming.

“The actions and statements of certain international representatives and diplomats, who even to this day, 77 years after the end of the war with the largest number of human casualties and the end of the most horrific conflict in the history of humankind, consistently refuse to mention Serbian victims in Jasenovac and other execution sites in the Independent State of Croatia, are immoral and uncivilized. That is a new crime against the victims, and an act that stifles the truth, justice, and reconciliation in this area,” emphasized Čubrilović.

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska stressed that it is our obligation to nurture the universal antifascist values and preserve the memory of the heroes who beat fascism and nazism and fought for a life worthy of a human being.

“The strengthening of fascist and Nazi movements and organizations in Europe and in the world is alarming. It is as though humankind still has not learned a lesson from the previous bloody world wars. Europe and the world must decidedly and truly respect and affirm antifascist principles. The fledgling fascist and Nazi ideas must be cut off at the root, so that the bloody conflicts and mass crimes never happen again,” stressed Čubrilović.