The NATO air force attacked Užice and Valjevo: the Post Office in Užice was devastated, the Health Center was damaged, and the “Krušik” in Valjevo was targeted again. Also targeted were the Goleš mountain in the Lipljan Municipality and the wider area of Dečani in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as Kosmaj. A humanitarian convoy from Romania was shelled.

The Embassy of China in Belgrade was a precisely determined target, communicated the experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia. Based on the locations where the building was struck, the police specialists have determined that the attackers “knew the exact floor plan inside the Embassy, and targeted their missiles to those areas for that reason”.

Viktor Chernomyrdin, Special Envoy of the President of Russia to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, stated that the President of the Kosovo Democratic League Ibrahim Rugova has made a statement in support of the autonomy of the province within FR Yugoslavia, and the disarmament of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army.

Following his meeting with Rugova, who arrived to Bonn via Rome, Chernomyrdin said to Russian journalists that Rugova “has unambiguously spoken in favor of the autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija within Yugoslavia”, and that he had supported the idea of international forces in Kosovo and Metohija to ensure the safe return of refugees to the southern Serbian province.