French historian Alexis Troude, who held a conference on Jasenovac titled “Children, Victims of Ustasha Genocide” in the Paris suburb of Drancy on the occasion of the Day of Victory over Fascism, said that his intention was to show the French people only a fraction of the horrors which had taken place there, among other things, that the monstrous and planned execution of children which had been perpetrated in Jasenovac was not even being done in Auschwitz.

The Bishop of Slavonia Jovan also took part in the conference.

Along with the conference, six large panels were on display depicting shocking photographs from historical archives and texts for the participants and visitors to familiarize themselves with the scale of the horrific crimes.

Troude said that he had been preparing the exhibit for over a year, and that nothing of its kind had ever been organized in France before.

Apart from yesterday’s exhibition and conference in Drancy, another exhibition on the genocide of Serbian, Jewish, Romani and other children is planned to be held at the Raincy City Hall from May 16-21.

A showing of the movie “Dara of Jasenovac” will be held in that town on May 20, said “Večernje novosti”.

The exhibition is planned to be displayed at some of the museums dealing with the topic of the Resistance Movement.