What is worse than the bombing of Belgrade with depleted uranium? The soil remained contaminated for many years, up to ten years, said the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova.

In her interview with the Banja Luka television network ATV, Zakharova said that Serbs were not the only ones who suffered, so did NATO soldiers, mostly Italians, who have not been able to receive any compensation for many years now.

“Nobody told them anything, and then they started developing oncological disorders,” said Zakharova.

She added that children are being born sick due to the bombing with depleted uranium, that the food supply and the soil are contaminated.

“And there is no public outrage, no public protest from legal organizations, who would give grants from the European Union to solve this issue or that, how to pay out the damages to people, how to treat people, and so on. No “Angelina Jolies” are flying to Belgrade and holding the hands of the children being born sick because their parents had been poisoned. That is not interesting, it is not happening,” said Zakharova.