Maria Zakharova, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, stated that Christian Schmidt is a fraud because he is not internationally authorized to be the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We have this man who is actually a fraud, he is not internationally authorized, but through the media, through the coordinated position of the collective West, he is pretending to have an official standing. He does not!”, stressed Zakharova for ATV, commenting on Schmidt’s role in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In her words, Schmidt has no official standing, yet he is pretending to be the High Representative.

She stated that anything can be forged and that this situation keeps happening over and over, pointing out the example of the OSCE mission.

“The OSCE mission, which has not been in operation since March, for which no formal proceedings had been initiated within the OSCE. Despite the fact that Russia said that its mandate will not be extended. There is no mandate,” said Zakharova.