The NATO air force shelled the surroundings of Priština throughout the day. Four-year-old Dragana Dimić and married couple Boško (60) and Jevrosima (59) Janković were killed in the strikes, while five-year-old Bojan Dimić, his father Siniša and Okica Šešlija (71) were severely wounded and transferred to the Priština Clinical Center.

Five people were wounded in the NATO air strike on the village of Jarčujak near Kraljevo. One person was killed and five were wounded in the attack on the warehouses of “Jugopetrol” and “Energotrans” in Niš. A woman was killed in the village of Orljane near Doljevac. Five people suffered minor injuries in the strike on the village of Mrčajevac, a few kilometers from Čačak. The neighborhood of Murino in the Plav Municipality in the north of Montenegro was shelled again. The bridge on the Lim was destroyed, but fortunately, there were no injuries or fatailties. The NATO air force targeted the railway overpass on the Belgrade-Niš highway, two kilometers away from Velika Plana. The detonations were extremely strong, causing all windows to break on nearby homes in Velika Plana and the neighboring Veliko Orašje. Railway transport has been stopped.

The Battle of Košare

During the night between May 10 and May 11, 1999, the NATO aviation dropped forbidden cluster bombs on the Yugoslav Army soldiers attacking the Kosovo Liberation Army positions under the Raša Košares, killing eight soldiers and an officer, and wounding over 40. This enabled the terrorist forces to push the Yugoslav Army soldiers out of that position and back to the starting one.