On the Prizren-Suva Reka main road, at the intersection near the village of Koriša, Prizren Municipality, the NATO air force shelled a column of 500-600 Albanian refugees. 48 people were killed, and 60 were wounded.

The area between Uroševac and Priština was targeted with cluster bombs, and several missiles struck near the Old Square and the Kutlovac repeater. The surroundings of the railway station in Prizren were targeted with five missiles. The building of the Novi Sad Television was targeted again, three times.

The “Human Rights Watch”, a non-governmental organization for the protection of human rights, addressed a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Javier Solana, expressing concern over the growing number of civilian victims in the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. “The NATO claims that it is in this war to protect human rights. That being so, it is crucially important to respect human rights in the war it is waging, without exception. The NATO must do everything in its power to avoid hitting civilians,” said executive chairman of the organization Kenneth Roth. In his message to Solana, he especially expressed concern over the destruction of factories, strikes on the electrical grid, the destruction of several Yugoslavian television and radio stations, strikes on civilian objects such as hospitals and embassies, and strikes on civilian vehicles.