Elektroprivreda Serbia has communicated that the NATO has again targeted several high-voltage EPS plants with graphite bombs. The entire territory of southeastern Serbia has lost access to the power grid, including the cities of Niš, Pirot, Aleksinac, Prokuplje and Leskovac. Several graphite bombs were also dropped in the areas of Kostolac and Veliki Crljani, and Šabac and parts of Novi Sad also experienced interruptions in the power supply. Some municipalities and suburban neighborhoods in Belgrade also lost power — Čukarica, part of New Belgrade, Sremčica, Ostružnica, Rušanj and Obrenovac. The thermal power stations “Drmno” near Kostolac and “Kolubara” in Veliki Crljani near Lazarevac were also targeted with graphite bombs.

Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, expressed her concern over “an excessively large number of mistakes” in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In an interview with the television BBC, she condemned, as she said, the “ethnic cleansing” in Kosovo and Metohija, but pointed out how important it is that the ordnance used in the air campaign not lead to civilian casualties. “I am concerned, it all almost looks unfocused. The spectrum of targets appears to be rather wife, and it is abundantly clear that the consequences of the bombing are being felt in residential neighborhoods, hospitals and schools. There are too many mistakes,” said the UN High Commissioner. “It is unacceptable that the civilians are being targeted to this extent,” concluded Mary Robinson.