Following today’s session of the National Security Council, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia  spoke to the media in a press conference.

He said that Serbia is in a difficult position and that the Serbian leadership is being pressured into accepting the “voluntary infringement of the territorial integrity of Serbia, and the voluntary destruction of the international public legal order at our own expense”.

Selaković reminded that on the anniversary of the Washington Agreement, the United States have made it abundantly clear that they still consider the Washington Agreement to be valid, and that they urged both Belgrade and Priština to abide by the agreement.

However, he said that Priština violated the Washington Agreement and the position of the United States by filing a request for membership in the European Council.

“Priština has clearly demonstrated that it has no intention to reach any sort of a solution through Belgrade-Priština dialogue, and instead chose a unilateral approach,” said Selaković.

Selaković said that several countries have revoked their recognition of the independence of Kosovo.

“As Minister of Foreign Affairs, today I forwarded to President Vučić diplomatic notes from four countries revoking their recognition of the so-called Kosovo,” said the Minister.

He added that the National Security Council authorized the President of Serbia to communicate to the public which countries those were, in the moment when he sees it as necessary.

“With this gesture, we would like to offer a chance to the countries in the European Council to not begin the proceedings on admitting the so-called Kosovo into the European Council. In doing so, we are demonstrating our willingness to have a conversation and reach a solution through dialogue, and by no means unilaterally,” said Selaković.

He also said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government will continue to fiercely fight and work on revoking the recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, guided by the goals and interests of Serbia.