Ambassadors of China and Russia to the UN, Zhang Jun and Vassily Nebenzia, pointed out during meetings with Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija in New York that they support the concept of constitutional order of BiH with two entities and three constituent peoples, they do not want centralization to take place in BiH in the interest of just one people.

 Tegeltija said that during separate meetings, he pointed to ambassadors Nebenzia and Jun the key problems that exist in BiH nowadays, and explained that he wanted to address the UN Security Council yesterday in order for the truth to be heard.

“What is encouraging is that the ambassadors of China and Russia understand the relations in BiH very well. They attended the Security Council session and their presentation differed significantly from that of Christian Schmidt’s and some other ambassadors to the UN Security Council,” Tegeltija said.

He emphasized that he would continue the communication with the embassies of Russia and China, with the desire to spread the truth about the situation in BiH to some other countries.

“They reiterated their positions from the beginning of the UN Security Council session, which is that it would be polite if Schmidt asked for the support of that very same UN body, if he wants to report to the Security Council, which he has not done at the moment,” he said.

Tegeltija noted that Ambassadors Jun and Nebenzia reiterated that it was clear to them that the report submitted by Schmidt was not balanced, as it essentially represented a vision of one side.