The Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia stated today that the President of Serbia has been carefully following the statements of European officials, particularly the representatives of the government of Federal Republic of Germany.

“Going to Priština and saying that the so-called Kosovo should be a member of the European Council, and then coming to Belgrade and talking about the European perspective of Serbia is as hypocritical as it is offensive, said Vulin, commenting on today’s statements of Manuel Sarrazin, German Representative for Western Balkan.

The German government representative, Manuel Sarrazin, stated earlier in Priština that Germany supports the candidacy of Kosovo, and that it belongs in the Council of Europe.

“The position of Germany is clear. Kosovo is at the heart of Europe and belongs in the Council of Europe. Yesterday I assured the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz of our support for the membership bid!,” Manuel Sarrazin wrote today on his Twitter account.

Minister Vulin says that Serbia does not need to wait another twenty years to understand that the European Union does not want it.

On the other hand, he says that the Albanians “will have a special seat set aside for them, no matter how many times they go back on their word and refuse to abide by agreements”.

“There is no place in the Council of Europe for both the country of Serbia and the territory of Kosovo and Metohija under the temporary administration of the United Nations,” said the Minister.

Vulin pointed out that the European Union often cautions Serbia against playing both sides.

“Well, now they can try following their own wisdom. The European Union may not play both sides and ask Serbia to fall in line with its policies, while at the same time supporting Priština’s bid for membership in the Council of Europe,” said Vulin.

He advised the European Union to pick a side.

“Many of our decisions depend on their choice,” concluded Vulin.