A staggering 97 elementary schools in Belgrade and certain high schools received bomb threats this morning, communicated the Ministry of Education. As they pointed out, following a detailed inspection by the counter-diversionary teams of the Ministry of Interior in a large number of schools, it was determined that the reports were false.

As the Ministry of Education’s announcement said, the students were returned to class, and in the schools where the security inspection had been ongoing, the students were sent home.

After the counter-diversionary inspection of the schools is completed, the students will be returned to class.

The police also received a notice of a bomb threat in the “Beograđanka” building, which is one of this morning’s notices of bomb threats in elementary and high schools, as there is a school located in the “Beograđanka”.

A bomb threat notice was also received at the Niš Constantine the Great Airport, and the Niš police have confirmed to RTS that the threat was false. The airport was evacuated prior to a security inspection this morning.

“We Are Intensively Working on Finding Perpetrators”

An intensive inquiry is underway into finding the perpetrators of the criminal acts false bomb threats which have been arriving on a daily basis at a large number of addresses in Belgrade and other cities across Serbia, according to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Members of the Ministry of Interion, in cooperation with the Organized Crime Prosecutor’s office and the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, are intensively investigating these cases. The Special Department for High-Tech Crime from the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office has been brought into the investigation.

“Due to a large number of bomb threats, all available capacities of the Ministry of Interior’s counter-diversionary units have been engaged in inspecting objects and institutions which received bomb threats at their addresses. All threats so far have been false, and it is suspected that they are aimed at causing panic and harassing citizens,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

In late April, 23 high schools and gymnasiums in Belgrade received a chain e-mail claiming bomb threats. All threats were false.