Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić said today that the bomb threats in Serbia are forms of pressure from abroad due to refusal to impose sanctions on Russia.

“We are the only country in Europe which has not imposed sanctions on Russia, and the day-to-day pressure is unbelievable, and these bomb threats are pressure from abroad due to our refusal to impose sanctions on Russia,” said Brnabić to TV Pink.

She said that the bomb threats were carefully planned and “certainly” came from abroad, as evidenced by the fact that the Belgrade Tropicarium also received a threat, even though most citizens are unaware that it exists.

“Someone had a look at all potential tourist attractions. Our tropicarium is small and most people are unaware that we have one, which shows that someone planned this and that it came from abroad, because if it had come from someone in Serbia, they would have never called in a threat at the tropicarium,” explained Brnabić, reported Beta.

She also said that the refusal to impose sanctions on Russia is “extremely costly”, as the main concern of investors has become why has Serbia not imposed sanctions on Russia yet, which, as she pointed out, additionally slows down further development of the country.