Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić stated that she expects the countries in the Group of seven and the Quint to not support the bid of the self-proclaimed Kosovo for membership in the Council of Europe, seeing as Priština is flagrantly violating human rights and the basic tenets of democracy, which that organization seeks to promote.

Brnabić estimated that it is the peak of cynicism that Priština bid for membership in the Council of Europe in the same year when they denied a basic human right to Serbs in the southern province, that of voting in the referendum on January 16 and the election on April 3.

She pointed out that, unless Priština’s bid is rejected, the strongly worded statement from the Quint about denying Serbs the right to vote in the referendum and the election is nothing more than words of paper.

Brnabić pointed out to TV Pink that Serbia is the only country which really abides by the principles of the international law.

“Everything else we see on a daily basis from both the East and the West is hypocrisy. Everybody interprets the international law as they please and then they preach to others, and mostly to us, that we do not respect it, while we are the only ones that do,” pointed out Brnabić.