Only a day after the brutal announcement of the countries in the G7, in which they asked our country to impose sanctions on Russia and accused the Serbian element in Bosnia and Herzegovina of secessionist aspirations, a draft of a resolution of the governing parties in the Bundestag was revealed, bearing a similar tone.

In the document drafted by the parties assembled around the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the German government was asked to urge the leaders of Serbia and Croatia to “distance themselves from the ethnic-separatist forces in BiH, that is, from Dodik and Dragan Čović, leader of the Bosnian Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

The members of the Bundestag especially “targeted” Dodik, that is the leadership of the Republic of Srpska, which they say “is using secessionist rhetoric to undermine the national institutions and the Dayton Agreement”. In the resolution, which is being debated since Monday, also urged to increase the sanctions against the Serbian leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovia.

The West is additionally tightening the noose around Serbia through Priština, which, following its application for membership in the Council of Europe, is eagerly preparing to enter the lobby of the NATO via an application for the Partnership for Peace, with the support of the patrons of its false independence. Priština is mostly getting help from the United States, where the Prime Minister of the temporary institutions in the province Albin Kurti traveled for a visit a few days ago, evidently to receive “instructions” on new unilateral moves on the Albanian side, which are certainly not going to do contribute to thawing the dialogue. On Monday, the leadership of the assembly of the so-called Kosovo also discussed a Draft of the Law on Military Police in the “Kosovo Security Forces”, which is all a part of preparations to establish a military in the fictitious country, in breach of all agreements.

A new package of pressure, led by the G7 countries, is paradoxically asking us to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, while they are breaching the same principles by stealing Kosovo away from us, which Dejan S. Miletić from the Center for Globalization Studies sees as a continuation of a coordinated operation from the West:

“They seek to weaken the position of Serbia, to force our country into pure masochism and recognizing Kosovo, imposing sanctions on Moscow and leaving Serbs in Srpska and BiH to the mercy of the international element. They ask us for something fundamentally inappropriate, unfair, immoral and not based in fact. Those double standards only distance Serbia from both Europe and the West. It is my fear that it has gone too far and that they don’t have a feeling for either the historical moment or the mistakes they have committed in our region.”

Ognjen Karanović from the Center for Social Stability believes that it would be more expedient for the political West, the G7, and above all Germany to focus on their own economic future and on securing energy for their citizens and economy during the upcoming winter, instead of drafting various announcements and resolutions:

“Those are all powerful countries, their opinion bears a certain weight, but Serbia is determined to protect the international law and principles, especially when it comes to the best interest of our people. We have made it abundantly clear that we will not accept the violation of the territorial integrity of any sovereign country, certainly including Ukraine, the same way as we do not accept the violation of the territorial integrity of Serbia. Someone should coin a new term for the intense hypocrisy of the G7 countries, entrenched in anti-Russian hysteria, when within the same announcement they call for all the countries in the world to support Ukraine and yet at the same time they urge Serbia to violate our own integrity and the integrity of Srpska, to throw out the Dayton Agreement, which is also a product of international law and guaranteed by the very same international community.