Serbian Presidency member in BiH Milorad Dodik has stated today in Sarajevo that the Presidency, as well as the Council of Ministers, have never made any decision on BiH joining any West’s measures against Russia.

“There is no single document as such anywhere,” Dodik told the press, adding that the conflicting information was evidence of a conscious, deliberate, unconstitutional intent of Bosniak Muslims to overthrow BiH in a way that flattered the West.

Dodik pointed out that the Bosniaks usurping the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers was obvious as they skillfully used the fact of a Serb not being appointed to the first six positions in this ministry.

“/Foreign Minister in the Council of Ministers Bisera/ Turković used it skillfully avoiding to harmonize the national structure in the Ministry as the Presidency recommended,” Dodik reminded.

He pointed out that the positions presented by BiH diplomats abroad, beyond the Constitution, were null and void for BiH.

“They are violators of the law and the Constitution, and we will take measures,” said Dodik, adding that he had filed criminal charges against Turković and the responsible people. /end/vos